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Welcome to the NetworKIN web service, here you can obtain predictions for phospho-proteins by submitting sequences and corresponding phosphorylation sites.

If you use any of the data from this web site please cite this article: Linding et al., Systematic discovery of in vivo phosphorylation networks. Cell. 2007 Jun 29;129(7):1415-26.

Please paste FASTA sequences as in the example below (not more than 100 sequences):

  1. Set your organism/taxonomy

  2. Paste sequences below (e.g. test.fas)

  3. Enter your phosphorylation sites (ProteinId Position AminoAcid) - use SPACE or TAB for separation (e.g. test.tsv)

  4. In addition to your sites, also show Phospho.ELM and PhosphoSite sites ?

  5. Continue with next step:   or

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