The Shortest Path link shows the corresponding String Graph and the "best" path connecting the kinase and the substrate.
The time to display the Shortest Path is very long if the String Score has a value lower than 0.9 .  
  String Score is the probability of the "best" association path between the kinase and the substrate in the "String" graph.  
  NetworKIN (or Ranking) Score shows how much is the String Score amplified by the net gain between the NetPhorest posterior probabilty to the NetPhorest prior probability: [String Score]*[NetPhorest posterior]/[NetPhorest prior].  
  NetPhorest Posterior Probability is described in Miller et al. 2008.  
  String Score < 0.9 - display of Shortest Path will take too long.  
  Move the mouse over some of the table headers or table values (like "Shortest Path" or "String Score" header ) to get additional explanations.  
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This website runs the 2.0 BETA version of the NetworKIN algorithm. Please carefully investigate the predictions on this site before going to the lab. The official version of NetworKIN can be found on the NetworKIN website.

NetworKIN is a method for predicting in vivo kinase-substrate relationships, that augments consensus motifs with context for kinases and phosphoproteins.

This website allows a user to browse/search and investigate predictions made using the NetworKIN algorithm.

The site is powered by the latest phosphoproteome in Phospho.ELM. Alternatively users can submit their own protein sequences and phosphorylation sites and obtain new NetworKIN predictions.

If you use any of the data from this web site please cite this article: Linding et al., Systematic discovery of in vivo phosphorylation networks. Cell. 2007 Jun 29;129(7):1415-26.

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